Five(5) Tips for Parents Looking to Rekindle Their Sex Lives

November 27, 2017

Loading… I wanted to call this post something “mature” yet catchy, like “When Sex Can’t Be the Band-Aid.” My husband, however, suggested “From Ballin’ to Crawlin:’ Can Your Relationship Survive Without Sex?” Because, the thing is: I’m not a “sex” writer. Nope. I’m a mom, and a yogi, and a this and a that — but I don’t write about sex. Except for now I do, and I will — about something that I believe fully…


How to Become a More Confident Woman You Always Desire

November 6, 2017

Loading… When you become a more confident woman, you’re definitely ten times sexier! Every woman has a shy side, and a daring one too. In celebration of International Women’s Day, why not embrace your inner Beyonce and become more comfortable in your own skin? Because confidence speaks louder than words, here’s how to become a more confident woman and shine on. 1. Learn to say no. The feel of knowing what you want,…


The four(4) Interesting things about African Parents

September 11, 2017

Loading… African parents are gifts that keep up on giving – they are loving, there are tough, they are inspiring and can sometimes drive you crazy (then again, all parents, regardless of race or ethnicity, are all guilty of this), but we can’t deny that they are the absolute best. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 interesting things African parents do. Calling Their Children From Far Away…