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rom-com movies every couple should watch

Ten(10) rom-com movies every couple must watch

Loading… Movies are a great way to not only spend some time with your partner but also go down memory lane and relate to similar instances and situations that happened with the two of you in real life. The romantic-comedy genre is perfect for couples to show love in a light and fun-filled manner. We list 10 rom-com movies that couples can watch together to bond better. P.S. I Love…

10 Health benefits of love

Ten(10) scientifically proven ways love can heal!

Loading… Being in love can be the most wonderful feeling out there. But did you know that being in a loving and happy relationship actually has innumerable health benefits? Here are 10 health benefits of being in love.Makes your skin glow: Falling in love can be a great experience. But apart from making you feel absolutely on top of this world, love can make your skin glow too. According to experts, when…

Health benefits of hug

Top Seven(7) health benefits of hugging you didn’t know!

Loading… A mere hug from a friend or a loved one has the power to uplift your mood, when feeling down. Additionally, hugging your loved ones on happy occasions doubles the joy and instils a feeling of confidence to conquer the world. It is a sign of showcasing love and affection that not only provides emotional support but also renders numerous health benefits. Here are top 7 reasons why you…


This Work-How you sleep with your partner reveals a lot about your relationship!

Loading…  The way a couple sleeps together is an indicator of how well their relationship is. According to modern psychology, a couple’s sleeping style gives subconscious cues about their chemistry and how they are as a couple – is one more dominant than the other? Are they both independent? All these questions can be answered by observing the way they sleep. Here are some common sleeping positions most couples adopt. …

Keeping the romance alive after marriage

Surviving the romantic Atmosphere after marriage

Loading… Staying married is easy. Staying happily married is another ball game altogether. And one that takes some effort. When you are newly-weds, married life seems like an adventure with the thrill of discovering your partner every day. But as time passes, with children and other responsibilities in the picture, the spark slowly fades and you end up in a routine with your partner, where you keep dancing to the…


STUDY-Things you should never ever say in a relationship

Loading… Whether you’ve been in a long-term relationship or you’ve just started a new romance, make sure you avoid making comments like ‘you have gained weight’ or ‘you shouldn’t be eating that’. Even if you want your partner to get fit and healthy, be prudent with your words. Here are some of the words you must avoid using, reports huffingtonpost.com: You’ve put on weight: The weight gain may not really be about…

woman in love

Six(6) things you should never do for a man even when in love

Loading… March 8 is International Women’s Day. When two people come together in a relationship, it is important that they make certain adjustments. This helps their bond to grow stronger and fonder. But, always remember that a healthy relationship is a two-way street. A place where both partners are equal at all levels. We say so because when you look around you find that it is the woman who makes more…


which is better-Casual sex vs sex with someone you love ?

Loading… What does love have to do with sex? A lot, reveals a study. According to the study, nearly all men whose most recent sexual event occurred with a relationship partner indicated being in love with the partner at the time they had sex. ‘We found it particularly interesting that the vast majority of men reported sex with someone they felt `matched’ with in terms of love, meaning that most…