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Finding Love Again After a Heartbreak – How to Let Go and Open Your Heart for a New Love

Loading… Accept that getting hurt is part of loving someone.  First heartbreak is often the most devastating but it doesn’t mean that the next one will be less painful but we learn from our heartbreak and became stronger. Of course you are not anticipating another heartbreak but the thing is, it is inevitable and every time we fall in love there is a possibility to get hurt. Accept that getting…


What You Need To Know About Nightmares And Their Meanings

Loading… Most of us nod off as our sleeping brain uses this time to make sense of our day-to-day experiences. We continue to fall deeper and deeper into a slumber as our dream world unfolds, putting us face-to-face with our unconscious fears and desires. This could manifest into a cycle of bad dreams from seeing zombies to being cheated on. So, what is the meaning behind these nightmares? Santoro notes a…

You Should Definitely Be Having More Sex, Because… Science

How Sex Can be The Only Way out for Healthy Living

Loading… We all love a good throw down every now and again because, let’s be real, it’s a great time. But guys, here’s a little secret: Sex is more than just an evening (or afternoon or morning) of fun. In fact, according to science, getting busy on the regular can benefit your overall health in some pretty major ways. In the spirit of empowering ladies everywhere to get it on…

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Cheating Husband? How to Deal With the Other Woman

Loading… No one ever wants to consider that one day when they get married they are going to have to learn how to deal with a cheating husband and how to deal with the other woman. However if you are currently reading this article; it could be because you have recently discovered that your husband is cheating on you. This topic seems to be growing in huge numbers. I had…


Losing Your Virginity – What Your Parents and Your Friends Don’t Tell You

Loading… So, you think you’re ready to lose your virginity. You’ve thought long and hard about this. You’ve got the guy, who you’ve deemed worthy of the event. You’ve accounted for birth control and you know to use a condom to prevent STD’s. You know at least vaguely what a penis looks like and where it will go and what it will do when it gets there. You expect it…

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Flirting Tips For Shy Girls! Here is What Every Shy Girl Should Know Before She Starts Flirting

Loading… Contrary to popular belief, even shy ladies can get a guy’s attention, without having to do something they are uncomfortable with. Flirting is a skill that not only liberated women can perform – ladies who are feel awkward about showing interest too forwardly. So what does a bashful lady do about panicking before a handsome new friend? Here are seven flirting tips for shy girls: Put on a bright…


Reasons Many Women Choose T-Shirt Bras

Loading… If you think you know everything about innerwear, you are absolutely wrong! Just because you have a wide and wild collection of beautiful lingerie doesn’t mean you are an expert in selecting and suggesting undergarments to people. There are several things that you need to consider before buying an undergarment, especially bras. A bra helps in providing grip and support to your upper body, giving the most perfect shape…


Five(5) Signs to Show That He Don’t Want You Anymore

Loading… Do you suspect that your boyfriend wants to break up with you? Maybe you don’t want to seem paranoid, but you also don’t want to get caught off guard when he suddenly walks away. Smart thinking! Once you know the signs that he wants to break up with you, you can decide if your relationship is in jeopardy or if you’re just feeling insecure. Men tend to conceal their…