• Five(5) Negative Outcomes of a Secret Relationship
  • Tips on How to Keep Passion Alive in Your Relationship
  • Five(5) Good Reasons Why Sex on the First Date Should not be Accepted by You
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Six(6) Reasons To Take Cucumber Juice

Loading… cucumber is a long vegetable with dark green skin and light green flesh. We can also categorize it as a vegetable-fruit. Usually, cucumbers are eaten raw, they can also be used as ingredients in salad and some other food recipes.Although, cucumbers don’t have a taste like that of apples and oranges, nevertheless, it has a calming taste that attracts people to it. recipes.Although, cucumbers don’t have a taste like…


Seven(7) Things That Happen To Your Body During Sex

Loading… S3x is one experience that never leaves you the same any time you indulge in it. The racing heart, the urge to nap immediately, the calmness… Experts say the feelings that trail S3xual desires and the actual act of S3xitself to the point of Org*sm and beyond are full of physiological reactions from head to toes Clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Lauren Streicher, notes that there are so many organs…


Best Time To Have Sex If You Want A Male Or Female Child

Loading… It is a common saying that ‘timing is everything,’ but when it comes to S3x, especially when it’s just for pleasure, that phrase may not readily apply. Pleasurable S3xual intercourse can be done at anytime and anywhere, because all that is important to enjoy it in that instance is the consent and cooperation of the other person, and in a favourable atmosphere. In fact, there are times that it is after…


Guys!! Eight(8) Good Reasons Why You Lose Your Erections

Loading… It’s nothing against you, but there are a lot of reasons a man’s pen-is can betray him. 1. He’s nervous. “The pressure of wanting to get hard, stay hard, and satisfy your partner can make it difficult to get hard in the first place,” says Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based marriage and s3x therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. In cases like these, it’s…


Tips!! Find Out Exactly How Much Sex You Should Be Having At Your Age

Loading… I want to talk about a question many of you ask yourself but rarely say out loud. How much s*x is enough s*x? What’s “normal?” So many people worry that they’re not having enough s*x, or that they’re having too much s*x. Take two people getting it on with their partners with the same frequency: twice per week. One is completely frustrated because she wishes she was doing the…


Sex Lovers!! Check Out 7 Best Time To Have Sex With Your Lover

Loading… 1.Before a Big Presentation Research shows that having s3x calms nerves, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. One study even found that people who had s3x before a public speaking experiment were the least stressed! 2.In the Morning Seriously, your body was made for morning s3x. “Not only are testosterone and energy levels higher in the morning, but the increase in oxytocin levels keeps you and your partner bonded…


Your husband wants sex? Three(3) things he’s not saying out loud

Loading… Welcome to the weekly list at Ask Shaunti! Each Wednesday, join me as I share a few of the little, eye-opening things about men, women, and relationships that make a big difference in marriages and families. Your husband wants sex? 3 things he’s not saying out loud: 1. “I need to feel desirable.”  We women may think sex is just a physical need for a guy, but that’s not most of what is going…

romantic love

Love Tips And Romance Ideas For People In Love

Loading… Love is an emotion so pure and sublime that it can make life worth living. All of us have experienced it at some point in our lives, many of the bright minds have attempted to capture it in words and yet there exists no rigid definition for romance or love. It is one of those things that need to be experienced to be understood. For some romance is about…