Four(4) Things that Could Kill Your Relationship

April 8, 2018

Loading… After 40 years of researching marriage and working with couples on workshops, psychology professor emeritus and writer John Gottmancan tell whether your marriage will succeed or fail after listening to you for five minutes. The scary thing? He’s usually right, with a 91 per cent accuracy rate. Gottman, who was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, now shares informative insights on what makes a marriage work, fail, and debunks myths about marriage…


Do You Know Wipes Fabric Is Another Big Reason For Creating Rashes?

April 7, 2018

Loading… Babies are tiny souls who are completely dependent on their mothers for every little thing. When a baby is born, their skin is extremely soft, delicate and sensitive to the external environment. Just the way your skin is sensitive to heat and other external agents, your newborn’s skin is 80 times more sensitive to the external environment. This is why you must take extra caution when it comes to…


11 Secrets Couples that are in Healthy and Happy Marriage want You to know!

March 29, 2018

Loading… You’ve seen that adorable elderly couple sitting on a park bench or taking a stroll around the park. They’re always holding hands and they look so comfortable with each other, like they’ve spent their entire life in synchronization. If you could interview that couple, there are probably a few major things you could learn about cultivating a successful relationship. The American Psychological Association estimates that between 40 and 50…


The Best Places To Honeymoon

February 2, 2018

Loading… If you are one of the lucky ones who recently got engaged over the holidays, AllTheRooms wants to wish you warm congratulations! Holidays are such a magical time of the year, and even more so if you have an additional reason to celebrate, like an upcoming wedding. Although the wedding plans may be far off, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about the honeymoon part! Where to honeymoon, the best places…


Three(3) Things That Make Women Want to Be With You

February 1, 2018

Loading… Good guys finish last.” Are you one of them? Are women constantly turning you down even though you know you have everything to make them happy? Why would they rather choose a man who understands nothing about their feelings over a good, sensitive guy like you? First off, you must understand this: a woman doesn’t reject you because you’re too much of a “good guy”, they do so because…


Finding Love Again After a Heartbreak – How to Let Go and Open Your Heart for a New Love

October 20, 2017

Loading… Accept that getting hurt is part of loving someone.  First heartbreak is often the most devastating but it doesn’t mean that the next one will be less painful but we learn from our heartbreak and became stronger. Of course you are not anticipating another heartbreak but the thing is, it is inevitable and every time we fall in love there is a possibility to get hurt. Accept that getting…


Ten(10) Places You Need ToTravel To Before You Die

Lumbini, Nepal
September 1, 2017

Loading… Oscar Wilde wrote, that when good Americans die, they go to Paris. And where shall we go before we die, the good and the bad? Whatever direction you choose, there will be something absolutely jaw-dropping. Whatever continent you embark, you will be able to find a truly hidden gem. Whether you are an experienced traveler or just a beginner in the wanderlust, there are spots that will satisfy your…


What is Maturity? not What You Think fine out here

June 26, 2017

Loading… I used to think that maturity was about age and physical development, how wrong I was. I have since found out that age is only but a number, below are 20 definitions of *MATURITY* *-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-* 1…. *Maturity* is when you accept other people the way they are and their level of maturity. *+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+* 2…. *Maturity* is when you understand that your ideas are not always the best. *+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+* 3…….


10 Reasons Why You Should Do The Things You love

January 28, 2017

Loading… Hating Monday mornings and living on paychecks is not the way to live life. Instead of lashing out at your current situation, you should see what you need to change your life. We are not here to pay bills and die. We are here to live our lives joyfully, without worrying about anything (or at least minimize worry and fear) When we do what we love we actually are…


10 Ways You Can Be A Better Kisser

January 1, 2017

Loading… As cliché as it sounds, a kiss can feel like a Michael Bay-level explosion, or it can make you feel absolutely nothing at all. And if a common goal of the kiss is helping determine your attaction to someone, lip-locking can also establish a budding relationship: it’s the great divide between friend and lover. After all, a kiss can be just as intimate as sex, and just as important….