Seven(7) Beauty Habits for Better Skin

February 25, 2018

Loading… 1. Always take off makeup at night: We all know that wearing makeup to bed can’t be good but a lot of people still give into fatigue and sleep with a full face. Wearing makeup to bed can clog your pores and cause you to break out. 2. Don’t tug at your skin: It won’t benefit you to be rough on your skin. Be gentle when applying skincare products….


Six(6) Glaring Sign Your Husband is Immature

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February 18, 2018

Loading… Age isn’t maturity, so that is why you could see an old man acting like a teenager. What some grown men could do to their wives would make you wonder whether they are actually old enough to marry. However, here are a few things to measure immaturity in some men. Rejecting food after an argument: Some husbands will still drop money for food but would still go ahead and shun…


Sexual Violence-Reasons Men Force Women to Watch them Masturbate

January 10, 2018

Loading… Some of the most disturbing recent allegations of sexual assault involve men forcing women to watch them masturbate. Journalist Lauren Sivan say that after she rejected Harvey Weinstein’s attempt to kiss her at a restaurant, he told her to “stand there and shut up,” before jerking off into a potted plant. On a yacht in Cannes, the model Angie Everhart alleges  that she woke up from a nap to find Weinstein standing…


Best Time To Have Sex If You Want A Male Or Female Child

January 2, 2018

Loading… It is a common saying that ‘timing is everything,’ but when it comes to S3x, especially when it’s just for pleasure, that phrase may not readily apply. Pleasurable S3xual intercourse can be done at anytime and anywhere, because all that is important to enjoy it in that instance is the consent and cooperation of the other person, and in a favourable atmosphere. In fact, there are times that it is after…


Seven(7) Things You Can Control in Life

December 31, 2017

Loading… In my experience, life can be pretty complicated. Although most of us have plenty to manage in our day-to-day lives—jobs, relationships, family, exercise, sleep, you name it—there are really only a few things we truly have control over. I changed my life by identifying these variables and learning how to master them. And I think you can too. Happiness and success (however you define either one) have a lot…


Eight(8) Most Beautiful Landscapes to Visit with Your Loved One

December 27, 2017

Loading… The world is full of wonderful places. It seems that life is not enough to explore every country with its attractions and beautiful spots. At least, you can try. For example, create a yearly travel plan: jot down the countries, cities, or places you want to visit. It’s always a good idea to travel with your loved one. Contemplating the most beautiful landscapes mother nature has to offer, you…


Tips to Keep The Skin Moist During The Harmattan

December 23, 2017

Loading… hamattan season usually comes up at the end of the year. And with it comes the dryness that we all dread; the lips and skin begin to break if not taken care of properly.  here are some tips on how to enjoy the infamous weather without the fear of having terrible skin; MOISTURIZING can never be over emphasized. It is fashionably inexcusable for anyone to avoid moisturizing on a…


Nine(9) Guys on the Most Regrettable Gifts They’ve Ever Gotten

December 14, 2017

Loading… . “This is my fault but for some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to play the bagpipes and I told that to my girlfriend. She got me bagpipes for Christmas and I never used them once. I think they’re still in my attic, though.” — Adam, 28 2. “My girlfriend at the time wanted to buy me a bigger bed. I still had what was basically a…


Five(5) Ways You can Change and Better Your Attitude

November 24, 2017

Loading… John N. Mitchell said it best when he said that, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” We’ve all heard about the power of our attitude, and that it’s our attitude that determines how much we succeed in life. If you look around you, you will see that people with a positive attitude enjoy life more and are generally happier and more successful than those who walk around grumpy…


Sixteen(16) Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can’t Even Understand!

November 23, 2017

Loading… The term “woman” is basically meant to recognize an adult female, with the term “girl” being reserved for youngsters. To describe Snoop Dogg, “being a woman or a girl is not that simple”. In today’s world the society we reside in is mostly patriarchal and on a daily basis women face challenges that men don’t even have to deal with – after all, it is common in a modern society that is structured to…