Six (6) Reasons Why Your S3x Life Is Not Working


Physical intimacy is a critical element of any successful marriage or relationship, even if a couple gets along well and enjoys spending time together, without that physical intimacy, the couple really just become great friends and roommates”. “The physical and emotional intimacy that occurs as the result of a healthy s3x life is undeniable, that’s exactly why couples shouldn’t ignore things if it seems like the intimacy is fading”.

Have been grumbling about your s3x life?has your s3x life become boring?then it is time for you to sit down and figure out what is wrong in order to make a change about those things that have gone wrong with your s3x life.

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Letting your professional life intrude your personal life will automatically affect your s3x life as you won’t have time for a steamy s3xual session and your s3x life will go flat.

The moment you start treating s3x with your partner like a chore, s3x between you both will surely be nothing more than mechanical, the pleasure that is supposed to be in s3x will no longer be there because the s3x has become mechanical.

When you rush into s3x without romance means the spark between you and your partner is gone and the s3x is just a routine so you will need to rework things over again between you and your partner.


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Too fast? Or is it too slow? If the speed of the s3x is not working right for you both then some changes would help out and some teasing could really get things going well as getting more into foreplay.

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Performance anxiety also be part of what could affecting your s3x life as this bothers both men and women, so the trick is to stop getting worried and focus more on how your body feels so you can enjoy the s3x.

Premature ejaculation could also be a reason.

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