Here Are Seven (7) Surprising Ways You Could Get Pregnant


You may think you know all about effective protection, but don’t forget there are ways we don’t know that could lead to an accidental pregnancy. The following is a list of scenarios where an unprotected s*x can land you in hot water.

1. When the guy takes the rear entrance

2. s*x during periods

Research shows that a sperm can live in the uterus for five days. If you have s*x towards the end of your period and you ovulate early, you could get pregnant.

3. Pulling out before release

Just because he pulled out in time doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant. Sperms can enter the v**ina even before the man ejaculates through the pre-release. The pre-release does not by itself contain sperms but can carry some left over sperms from a previous Release which lay in the urinary tract.

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4. Not leaving space at the tip of the condom

If there is not enough room for the ejaculated sperm in the condom, sperm may slip out or tear the condom.

5. During B.reastfeeding

Many believe that B.reastfeeding suppresses ovulation, which it does, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get pregnant. Many couples have a second baby within a year of the first. Doesn’t this make it clear already?

6. When you are already pregnant

This is strange. And rare. But happens and is called superfetation. If you have unprotected s*x while you are already pregnant and ovulating, a second egg can get fertilized. This will lead to a second pregnancy.

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7. Dry humping

Though dry humping doesn’t include penetration and ideally, no body fluids should be exchanged, there is still a chance of you getting pregnant. The man’s sperm can land anywhere near the op


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